When you fish a Taylor product, you can be confident that you are fishing the best. We have a simple vision, to provide top quality fly fishing products designed with the angler in mind. We stand by our products. We offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee on all our products, to give you confidence in your investment. All our rods and reels are covered by a limited lifetime warranty, from a company focused on putting the customer first. Our aim is to manufacture and design the best fly fishing products around. Grab a Taylor today and experience the difference! 


More than being a fly fishing manufacturer we are a company of passionate anglers. As fly fishermen we want products that work flawlessly, last a lifetime, and look amazing! Every Taylor product is designed to do just that. 

We were the first first fly fishing company to launch on with our TYPE1 reel. Today we are one of the fastest growing fly fishing companies in the world.  We are a true fly fishing start-up with no investors, but just a passion for fishing and designing better products! We pride ourselves in seeking new innovative ideas to incorporate into all of our gear. Our company is guided by a simple vision, to provide top quality fly fishing products designed with the angler in mind.

When we are not in the office working and designing new products we can be found testing products. By testing products we mean fishing.  Here at Taylor we believe great products begin with passion for the water! Join our passion by grabbing a Taylor and getting out there.

REEL Technology 

- COLD FORGED + BAR STOCK ALUMINUM - For years high aerospace quality 6061 bar stock aluminum has been the standard for top of the line reels. The team at Taylor is using new technology to "cold forge" our bar stock. This creates a final reel that is stronger, harder, more scratch resistant, and with a deeper level of color saturation in our anodization. 

- CARBON FIBER MIXED MEDIUMS - Aluminum reels have been around for many years but technology is rapidly growing in the regions of nano materials and lightweight composites. The team at Taylor has taken the first step in utilizing these technologies by using carbon fiber and nano-resins in the construction of our fly reels. Keep an eye out as we continue to push the industry forward with our use of advanced materials. 

ROD Technology

- Taylor Elite Nano Materials - Our newest collection of rods feature our proprietary blends of super high modulus carbon fiber and nano resins to create fly rods that aren't just lightweight but also extremely strong. High modulus carbon fiber on its own is lightweight but weak, brittle, and prone to breakage. With our new Elite resin system we keep the desirable lightweight qualities of high modulus carbons while dramatically improving overall strength and performance. 

- Titanium recoil guides - Our newest collection of rods also feature titanium recoil guides. These guides are lighter, stronger, and virtually unbreakable. Most companies use steel chrome guides to save money even on their top of the line models. At Taylor we have chosen to use the best guides, because we have a goal to design the best rods that money can buy

* Technology uses vary according to model. Please see product descriptions for exact technological uses for each particular product. 

New Mexico Owned and Operated

Taylor Reels is based out of beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico. The wild Rio Grande and the famous San Juan are our home waters. We spend most of our time fishing waters in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado.



Social Life

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When we set out to launch a new product innovation and quality are our main concerns. We want to create products that are beautiful and last a lifetime. Right now we have many products in the works including reels and rods in various sizes and styles.