More than being a fly reel company we see ourselves as fly fishermen who happen to make reels. As fly fishermen we want products that work flawlessly, last a lifetime, and look amazing! Every Taylor product is designed to do just that. 

Taylor Fly Fishing got its start when Matthew Taylor (the founder of Taylor Reels) sat down after a hard day of fishing and began to sketch what would become our TYPE1 reel. The sketch then became a CAD drawing that gave Matthew a simple idea "I wonder if I could make this reel a reality".  After some trial, error, bumps, and bruises we finally had a full functioning awesome looking reel! In early 2013 we launched a campaign that got Taylor Reels on the map. Today Taylor Reels is owned and operated by a group of friends and family members.  As a team we are continuing to seek new innovative ways to make an impact in the fly fishing world. All our products are guided by a simple vision and that is to make reels that are high quality and affordable. We design our reels to be second to none! 

When we are not in the office working and designing new products we can be found testing products. By testing products we mean fishing.  Here at Taylor Reels we believe great products begin with passion for the water! Join our passion by grabbing a Taylor Reel and getting out there.


New Mexico Owned and Operated

Taylor Reels is based out of beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico. The wild Rio Grande and the famous San Juan are our home waters. We spend most of our time fishing waters in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado.



Social Life

We are very active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We would love for you to like us, follow us, as well as sharing your stories with us. Click the links in the bottom footer to visit our social media pages.


When we set out to launch a new product innovation and quality are our main concerns. We want to create products that are beautiful and last a lifetime. Right now we have many products in the works including reels in various sizes and styles.