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When you fish a Taylor product, you can be confident that you are fishing the best. We have a simple vision, to provide top quality fly fishing products designed with the angler in mind. We stand by our products. We offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee on all our products, to give you confidence in your investment. All our rods and reels are covered by a limited lifetime warranty, from a company focused on putting the customer first. Our aim is to manufacture and design the best fly fishing products around. Grab a Taylor today and experience the difference! 


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The Anthem fly rod is the medium-fast rendition of our X-Tempo technology, designed to bring the feel of the rod back to your casting motion. The rod bends deeper down the blank to give you an experience with feel, while keeping a strong backbone for that extra reserve power to punch the fly out when needed. The Anthem comes with a beautiful wood engraved spacer, a golden olive blank, dark colored cosmetics, and an unsanded finish. 

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The Phenom

The Phenom rod uses our new X-Tempo rod design. Our X-Tempo rods perform at the perfect merger of tempo and stiffness. We really believe we hit the sweet spot when it comes to rod performance in the Phenom. The Phenom's action is a fast action with a progressive curve and soft tip. We consider it a fast action rod with feeling and response.