Guide Discount and pro-staff Qualifications

Taylor Fly Fishing is a family owned business. We manage our company different than most corporate outdoor businesses. Our pro-staff is made of elite, hand-selected fly fisherman who have a passion for our brand and the vision we represent. We only add a few people a year so please take that into account when you apply. We look for four key qualifications to apply for our pro-progam. YOU MUST MEET ALL FOUR TO QUALIFY FOR OUR PRO-STAFF TEAM. If you believe you meet our key qualifications please fill out the form below . Our guide and media discount is different than our pro-staff. Our guide discount is a flat 25%. Guides and media representatives only need to fill out the form and provide evidence of their active role within the industry. 


1. Guide Discount - 30% off full price (this is the discount that we give to active guides, media, photographers, etc...)


1. Gold Pro - 40% off full price (this is our standard pro-staff discount for those who meet the qualifications)

2. Plantinum Pro - Special Arrangments and Deals

Discount level is based on relationship and qualification. We will happily grant our standard discount to any certified guide. We very rarely grant anyone true pro-staff status. Our pro-staff is a tight knit group of experienced anglers dedicated the adventure and the future of Taylor Fly Fishing. 

Pro-staff qualifications

1. Must be a certified guide, retailer, quality blogger, photographer, etc...

2. Must be able to take and provide professional quality photos

3. Must have active and thriving social media accounts (minimum 4k followers on Instagram)

4. We look for people who want to a build long term relationship and represent brand loyalty to Taylor Fly Fishing

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