Revolution + Truth on Kickstarter

Our two new premier products are getting ready to make their official debut! 


The Revolution Z and Truth fly rod will be available for pre-order on on August 31st at 7:00PM MT. Kickstarter is the best place to order the new rod and reel and here is why...

1. The first 25 rod and reels that are ordered will be 20-25% off retail!

2. Anyone who orders in the first 24 hours will be entered into a drawing to get both the Truth rod and Revolution Z for FREE!

3. All rods and reels will be a minimum of 15% off during the entire 30 day campaign! 

4. All RevolutionZ/Truth combos will be 20% off

5. Our popular Ultra Violet color will be available as a kickstarter only special

To maximize your value on Kickstarter we suggest you try and be one of the first to order. Here are a few tips to successfully order on Kickstarter...

1. Create a kickstarter account ahead of time for a quick checkout

2. At 7:00PM MT go directly to and search Revolution Z in the search bar. The Early-bird specials will sell out extremely fast so be quick to checkout! 

3. There will be three early bird specials... one for the Revolution Z, one for the Truth, and one for a combo (you can only order one per-account)

4. Even if you miss the early-bird specials, we suggest you still order in the first 24 hours for a chance to win the free Revolution Z/ Truth combo (winner will be announced at the end of the campaign)

If you have questions, drop us an email. 

Tight Lines,