Everything you need to know about the Phenom Kickstarter

1. What is Kickstarter? Kickstarter is a crowd funding website that allows organizations and individuals to release new products or ideas to the world and gain funding at the same time. Kickstarter works like a pre-order. When you purchase on Kickstarter you are funding an idea to become a real life product.

2. How does Kickstarter work? On kickstarter you purchase a product by making a pledge to a particular category on the product page. You choose the pledge/rod you want and pay like any other website. On Kickstarter pledge is the same as purchase. 

3. When will the Phenom be on Kickstarter? The Phenom will be on Kickstarter starting July 1st at 9:00pm MT. The campaign will last for 30 days. The best time to purchase on Kickstarter is at the launch. There will be special discounted rods available at that time. 

4. Why Kickstarter? There are several reasons why we chose to use Kickstarter for our products release. The first reason is that Kickstarter helps us gain a huge amount of publicity. Many blogs, forums, and individuals look to Kickstarter to find new products. Every time we use Kickstarter our company profile expands. Another reason is that Kickstarter brings in a whole new generation of customers. People who would never heard about our company now have been exposed to our products because of Kickstarter. Another reason is that Kickstarter helps us offset the costs of creating a new product. Kickstarter is like a booster shot at the launch of a product. 


1. Don't go for the $1.00 rod. Instead of going for the $1.00 rod go for the other rods we will have discounted. We will have twenty rods available for $250. If you go straight for the $250 category your chances of getting a discounted rod will expand exponentially. 

2. Create a Kickstarter account ahead of time. By creating an account before launch day your chances of getting a discounted rod improves. You have not officially purchased a rod on Kickstarter until you have gone all the way through checkout and have recieved a confirmation email. Having an account ahead of time will make the checkout time much faster. 

3. If you want the $1.00 rod or one of the twenty discounted rods go directly through Kickstarter.com and keep searching and refreshing at 9:00pm on launch day until the page is live. You won't be able to find the page until the second we go live. 

4. Continue to share and promote our Kickstarter page via social media, forum, and word of mouth throughout the entire month. The success of this Kickstarter will help determine when our next products will be available. 

5. If we could give a final piece of advice it would be to have fun and celebrate with us through the experience. We know Kickstarter may be new to some people but it is an excellent opportunity for our company. Thanks for being apart of our Kickstarter campaign and the Taylor Fly Fishing family!