Enigma Shipping

We released our Enigma reel on kickstarter in mid January. The reels were popular immediately and we sold 27k in reels in 30 days! The release of a new reel is always hugely exciting. We estimated a mid-April shipping date. Shipping dates are always tough because in the reel manufacturing business things rarely go to plan. This time things went really smooth throughout most of process. We hit a small hick-up in one of the last phrases and thats anodizing. Anodizing is a fairly simple straight forward process. Our issue was that the color samples kept coming back incorrect. We will never compromise quality for speed. We believe every detail of a reel matters. Every curve, every cut, and every color matters. I think it's one of the many reasons people love our reels so much. With that said the reels are truly almost done with production. Our delay maybe one or two weeks. We can promise you this, these reels will be top of the line in both quality and performance. Thanks for your continual support!