Four reasons to love winter fishing

Many anglers spend the winter season dreaming of summer days casting dry fly's to foolish fish, while their rod and reel are gathering dust in the garage or closet. Don't get me, I love fishing the warm summer months as much as anyone, but I tend to spend my time daydreaming about those large winter trout more than anything else! Fall and Winter is the time I love being on the water! Right now you are probably thinking "WHY"? Here are four reasons you need to get on the water this winter!

1. Solitary Bliss - In our neck of the woods, there is some great tailwater fishing. My problem with tailgaters is the crowds and fishing pressure! When I fish I want to be alone in the blissful wonder of a solitary day on the water, not fighting for a hole with some random stranger. Winter thins the crowds... dramatically! I have had days alone on a stretch on water in the winter, when the norm is huge crowds during the warmer days. Because the fish have less pressure they are also a more willing to play in the winter. Its a win-win, less people and fish with a bigger appetite. 

2. Big Fish - Catching 50 dink trout on the 3wt is fun and everything, but there is nothing like hooking up with Grandaddy trout! Big fish come to play during the colder months. Browns typically in the fall and rainbows in the spring will move out of their deep holding water, looking for a place to spawn or for a warmer stretch of water to take refuge in. The same stretch of water where you only saw little guys in the summer can often hold the big guys in the winter! If you are looking to catch larger fish, winter can present some great opportunities. 

3. Water Clarity - I love sight fishing! There is nothing like seeing a trout smash your fly with your own two eyes! The water clarity in the winter can be fantastic (especially across the rockies) and this can make for a really good time. Winter can be the best opportunity to sight fish for large trout!

4. Streamers, streamers, and streamers - Nymphs, drys, midges, etc... are all great, but nothing compares to throwing large meaty fly's! Winter is prime time for chucking meat!I love tying streamers, throwing streamers, I love the take on streamers, I love watching fish chase streamers, and I love the fight on streamers. Big fly's = Big fish!  Nothing beats a large aggressive brown trout trying to murder your fly with pure aggression! 

Winter is a fantastic time to fish, so stop reading this blog and go string up that rod and reel, because its time to do some winter fishing! 

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