Why buy on Kickstarter?

We are on our third kickstarter campaign with Taylor Reels. Sometimes people are hesitant about pre-ordering and waiting on a reel but for us your pledge means more than you can imagine and here is why...

Launching any new product is an extremely expensive endeavor. The cost of bulk materials, labor, and manufacturing can place a huge amount of strain on a small growing business. Most major reel manufacturers have large amounts of capital to invest in new products. For us launching a product creates a funnel neck in our finances. Pledging on Kickstarter will help us lower that strain! Kickstarter is also a great way to feel out consumer response to our new reels.  Your pledge literally allows our reels become a reality! 

We ask new and old Taylor Reels family members to highly consider pledging on kickstarter. Your pledge means more than you could ever imagine!