Life has been crazy here at Taylor Reels. We have been traveling, designing, and meeting with partners. Creating a start-up is extremely wild, fun, crazy, and BUSY. We wanted to stop in and take some time to update you with everything that has happened, is happening, and is coming in the world of Taylor Reels.

PAST: We have been working tirelessly to get our first huge batch of reels completed and shipped. Who would have thought making several hundred fly fishing reels would be so difficult (sarcasm intended)? Our poor Kickstarter backers have been waiting months to get their hands on a new piece of fly fishing gear. For all of you that have ordered a reel, take heart the end is in sight! We’re finishing up the small details and hope to start shipping sometime next week. We will be thrilled when these reels get into the hands of all our supporters! We are extremely thankful for the patience our supporters have shown.

PRESENT: We have been busy designing a new reel! That's right, a new line of Taylor Reels! Designing a reel is no easy task. The desire to create something beautiful, original, reliable, and innovative has us constantly starting over from scratch. We don't want to give too many details about this reel, but can guarantee that it will be top of the line!

FUTURE: Here is where things get really exciting! Over the past several of weeks we have been in discussion with one of the world’s top fly fishing reel, rod designers and manufacturers! That's right, we said ROD! Due to the fact that we know very little about graphite and all the engineering that goes into rod construction, we never considered making rods, hence Taylor Reels.  These designers have agreed to help us design and manufacture new reels and RODS! Many of you fish with the gear that is made by our new partner. They are one of most innovative fly fishing companies on the planet and our new fly reels will be made using this new partnership. We are unfortunately unable to release too many details about who we are working with, but you would probably be as shocked as we have been if we did. With these amazing opportunities we will soon be changing our name to Taylor Fly Fishing! Our vision is to compete in quality and price with the world’s top fly fishing brands. Together we can take Taylor Fly Fishing to the top!